Kerry Barker For Avon & Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner

Kerry is a barrister with 50 years’ experience in the Criminal Justice System.

Listen to Kerry Barker, Redland member, and our PCC candidate from 1:09:45 discussing policing in Avon & Somerset and Sunday’s protests.

“Avon and Somerset Police have acted with great sensitivity when dealing with the Black Lives Matter protest and the Sarah Everard vigil.  There was no justification for using violence against them in today’s ‘Kill the Bill’ protest.  All those who used such violence must be brought to justice.
The attempts by the government to curtail the right to protest in the Police and Crime Bill are to be deprecated and opposed but violence such as that perpetrated in Bristol simply plays into the hands of a right-wing government.  This was not a peaceful protest.”

In particular he has specialised in dealing with abuse cases – that includes child abuse, abuse of people with learning difficulties and abuse of the elderly.  For example, Kerry prosecuted those members of staff guilty of the appalling abuse in the Winterbourne View care home in South Gloucestershire. The abuse revealed by a BBC Panorama investigator.

His aim is to improve police effectiveness throughout the whole area.

People have told Kerry that they are fed up with the police failing to deal with local crime so much so that they can no longer be bothered reporting crimes to them  This applies as much in rural areas as it does in the towns and cities.

The Labour Party is fully aware of the harm caused to police forces by the austerity cuts made by successive successive Tory and Tory/Lib Dem governments, and that repeated promises of additional officers fail to materialise BUT locally made decisions by the current Commissioner and her Deputy and the Chief Constable have made matters worse.

Detection rates for crimes such as theft, burglary, criminal damage, public disorder are just awful.  The idea that people can steal from shops with apparent impunity must stop.

The harm done to hard working, law-abiding members of the public by the irresponsible minority appears to go unchallenged.  Recent examples of an inability to deal with illegal street parties and raves have a serious impact on local residents.

As a lifelong socialist Kerry is very aware that those most affected by crime are the poorest and most vulnerable members of our communities.

Kerry has been a school governor in three quite different secondary schools in Bristol and is a Trustee and Board Member of the Bristol Drugs Project, a highly regarded local charity dealing with all aspects of alcohol and drug abuse.